Greetings Cowgirls and Cowboys,

It is with sincerest sadness that we announce the annulment of the Cowboy Mountain Trail Challenge event and Wild Cowgirl Enterprises LLC. We have reveled in the camaraderie and friendships created with attending participants over the past 10 years. It has been an amazing experience to offer a venue of training, encouragement and confidence opportunities for growth with each other and your equine partners.

As most of you know it takes a lot of time, continued maintenance and a tribe of volunteers (which in our case was mostly family and close friends) to sustain an event such as this. With working full time jobs, unforeseen daily life challenges and/or opportunities, we have concluded we are no longer able to create the type of event that would meet our standards and measure up to our reputation for producing a quality trail challenge event that we have developed and nurtured since 2008.

Again, we are deeply sorry about not being able to continue to execute our event and any unfulfilled opportunities that this may cause. We truly appreciate all your support and will forever cherish the memories you have given us.

Happy Trails... Sincerely,

Wild Cowgirls

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